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The Combat History of schwere Panzer-Jäger-Abteilung 654, In Action in the East and West with the Ferdinand and the Jagdpanther 0.00руб.

Uniforms, Organization & History of the German Police Vol.2 4180.00руб.



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Model Aircraft Monthly V7 #1 Jan 08

Model Aircraft Monthly V7 #1 Jan 08

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Внутренний код (артикул): MA0701

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Soviet Mitchells by Vladimir Kotelnikov Describes the use of the North American B-25 Mitchell in Soviet service in World War Two; with colour profiles by Sergey Ignatiev For the blood of Vitebsk by Mikhail Neradkov Modifies the Italeri 1/72 scale B-25J Mitchell The Strangled British Beast by Tony O’Toole Briefly describes the operational history of the Curtiss Helldiver in British Service and then modifies the Accurate Miniatures’ 1/48 scale SB2C-1C kit into a SBW-1B Helldiver Mk I Lysander by Randy Lutz’s Favourite aircraft builds Gavia’s state-of-the-art 1/48 Mk III; with scale plans by Len Whalley Grog’s the Shot by Alastair McQuaid Offers some useful reference on the new Revell Lancaster; with colour profiles by David Howley Neptune Warriors by Des Brennan Scaled Up: covering currently operated real aeroplanes, with modellers in mind, Des takes a two-part look at ‘Neptune Warrior’ Bush War Belligerents by Neil Robinson Models a couple of the aircraft from the Nigerian/Biafran Civil War Saharan Sunset by Glenn Wilson Looks at a little-known conflict, and builds a pair of the participating aircraft Night Intruders by Trevor Pask Builds a pair of 1/72 scale Night Intruder Hurricanes Intruder Schemes by Paul Lucas Describes the development of the Intruder Scheme on Hawker Hurricanes

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